About us

Raidlight is part of Chartreuse Outdoor Lab entity, alonside Vertical and V-Quest brands, and also with Outdoor Initiatives association, which drive Stations de Trail and Espaces Ski de Rando network.

Raidlight is a French brand known for products which are designed and tested by runners, for runners. RaidLight founder Benoit Laval doesn’t just run to clear his head or to train, but also to test the products that his company designs and markets. In fact, the whole team participates in this practical and collective creation process, reflecting the enthusiasm of its founder. For Benoit Laval “the core business of RaidLight is the passion for sport”. Its products meet the customer’s needs and are tested by those who use them. The idea is to welcome as much feedback from customers as possible regarding the products. From initial design to a constantly evolving product RaidLight can truly state that it produces products that are designed by runners for runners.

This innovative collaboration has ensured that RaidLight has become a strong presence in trail running. RaidLight is known for the lightness and ergonomic design of its products. The products are designed to make the user’s life easier, the equipment works with the runner during a race, rather than against them. Products are designed to be lighter – to avoid carrying unnecessary weight during trail runs and races. Packs and bags are ergonomically designed for a snug and comfortable fit, using the innovative tightening mechanism, packs can be moulded to fit each runner; pockets are easily accessible so the runner doesn’t need to think, just grab your drink/snack/camera and go! Heat sealed seams ensure maximum comfort with no annoying seams to irritate the skin.

RaidLight is not just about the products it sells, it is also a company that cares deeply about the environment. As runners, we want to preserve our natural playground and do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment. As an example, when we create backpacks that are twice lighter than our competitors, we use fewer raw materials and less transportation. Recently, RaidLight has started integrating bamboo fibre and recycled polyester into its clothing – this does not detract from the technical superiority of the products – bamboo fibre displays the characteristics of a conventional polyester (breathability, wicking) with additional benefits of being naturally anti-bacterial, and providing UV protection. Another line of development for organisers is the use of the BIO-BALISAGE – which is used to mark routes without the use of plastic. The ECO-TASSE [Eco-Cup] is a reusable cup that can fold up to fit inside your pack. Further eco-solutions are continually being worked on.

RaidLight in South Africa

In 2016, a group of passionate and experienced trail runners decided to bring the RaidLight brand to South Africa – with the company’s philosophy of working as a community, of providing products for runners, by runners, it was realized that these high-quality specialist trail running products would be specifically suitable for our often more technical South African outdoor and mountain terrain. Today, RaidLight is one of the premium market leaders in the field and trail runners across South Africa can now look forward to enjoying top quality, technical clothing and equipment from this iconic French brand.