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Product Spotlight

Benoit Laval About the Brand

The French brand Raidlight has been pioneering the world of Trail running since its foundation in 1999 by Benoit Laval; an avid runner who has run over 100 trail races across all the continents around the world and was selected for the French Trail running team in 2010.

Raidlight France is based at 1000 metres of altitude in the heart of the Massif de Chartreuse where it employees a team of 30 highly motivated employees who are each passionate about outdoor activities. From its Eco-friendly designed offices Raidlight continues to develop sport specific lightweight products for every aspect of users anticipated needs; including shoes, bags, clothing, accessories and more.

Raidlights desire to pioneer and share, led it to become the first brand to create both an inclusive trail community called “Team Raidlight”, as well a network of Trail Workstations (Station de Trail) across some of Europe’s most beautiful mountain ranges. Through this inclusion and integration of its customers, Raidlight’s Research & Development department can truly design collaborative and required trail running equipment in an interactive, innovative and passionate way. Raidlight, Share the Trail - Running Experience!